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Paradigm Shift iOS 13.5 - 0.942

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All widgets available with purchase of this theme!

Paradigm Shift Icon Theme for iOS 13.5!

Not your average glyph theme!

A beautiful, classic, semi transparent glyph theme.

Recreated with sharper 512px vector images that have more contrast and pop!

Best on slightly blurred or solid backgrounds.


Thank you for your interest in Paradigm Shift iOS 13.5!


.942 - AddedAnimated Knots, Astropad, Flick Type, GIF Keyboard, Go Knots, Google Earth, Google Hangouts, Google Home, Google Opinions, Google Podcasts, Google Streetview, Google Voice, Google Wifi, Google Hangouts, HBO Go, Hip Chat, Home Advisor, Hudi, Huufington Post, Indeed, iHeartRadio, InShot, infuse 6, Instasize, JoinMe, Jyske Bank, Knots 3D, Knots: Animated Steps,Layout Maker, LetGo, Life360, luminosity, Lyft, MileIQ, Mint, MLB, My 76, O2, Octi, On The Line, Photo Booth, PlayStation, Sling Player, Snap Seed, SofaScore: Live Sports Stats, Solid Explorer, Stash, SunTrust, Swift Keyboard, Tapatalk, Tile, Time Page, Tweetbot, Weather Underground, WebEx, Weibo, Wizz Air, Wodify, Zedge and Zillow.


.941 - Added Cplus for Craigslist, Dictionary Pro, Disney +, Furbo Dog Camera, Letgo, Mega, Peninsula Federal CU, TV 6, USA Today and USPS Mobile.


.94 - Added Ad Guard, Amazon Music, App Store (updated), Apple Store (updated), Bose Connect, Carly, Citi Mobile, Citymapper, Clear Todos, Craft Check, Dictionary, Dominos, Fasting App - Simple Tracker, Flight Tracker, Flipboard, Foursquare City Guide, Foursquare Swarm, Geekbench 5, Genius Scan, Genius Scan Pro, Home App (updated), iMovie (updated), MyPlate Calorie Counter, Navigon, Passbook (updated), Path, PayPal Merchant, Periscope, Photobucket, Pocket Casts, Prayer Book, Reddit, Settings Icons (updated), Skype, Snapchat, Splash, Stocks (updated), Supreme, Tango, TD Bank, Tesla, Ticker Master, Tidal, Tinder, Tmobile, Transunion, Trip Advisor, Turbo VPN, Twitch, Uber, Uber Eats, UPS, Vadafone, Vimeo, Vine, Vonage, Washington Post, Washington Post Select, White Pages, Wikipedia, Wordpress, WSDOT, Yousee Music, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube Studio and Youtube TV.


.93 - Added 7 Eleven, Adobe Draw, Adobe Fill and Sign, Adobe Literoom, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Reader, Adobe Rush, Adobe Scan, Adobe Sign, Airbnb, Airbrush, AliExpress, Allcast TV Pro, Antutu, Apple Store, Artstudio Pro, Bear, Bundle ID XII, Bundley, Chase, Checkra1n, Clips, Cr4shed, Etsy, Firefox, Firefox Focus, GroupMe, HP Smart, IMDB, Imgur, IP Vanish VPN, Kenwood Remote, Light Room, MySpectrum, OnePassword, Patreon, Pia VPN, Pocket, Poshmark, Power Selector, Radio, Remote, Shop, Slack, Snowboard Application, Spark, Speedtest, Splice, Target, Telegram, Test Flight, TikTok, Tradesy, Unplash, Video Editor, Waze and Whatsapp.


.92 - Added Amazon Photos, Amazon Alexa, Dropbox, Darksky, Shazam, USAA, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, Zoom and Zebra.


.91 - Fixed info.plist package name.


.90 - Upload.


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